Currently living in the southwest of Germany, close to the Swiss and French border, Wendy Alber was born in Mauritius, a small island in the Indian Ocean.

She has been a passionate art teacher since year 2000 both in Mauritius and in Germany now. She graduated with a Degree of Bachelor in Visual Arts with First Class Honours at the University of Mauritius.

Wendy’s art is not static, some describe her as an expressionist artist and others say that she is a symbolist visual artist… However, she says that art is a way for her to discover who she really is and each brushstroke is a step further in the pursuit of her identity. She said: “I recently made an encounter with an amazing person! This person is the other me… hidden somewhere in my inner self! I was lucky to discover her through each brushstroke, through each form I have painted lately… Someone special I finally met and would definitely have forever in my life! Her soul is each representation on a canvas… Each time I lose myself in my work, I meet the other me! I just love this encounter!”

Wendy considers herself an artist since 2018 when she discovered the purpose of her art, it was a reconnection with her island and culture as well as her faith in God. It was a cold winter day in December 2018, in the Black Forest in Germany, it was snowing and it was white everywhere. Perhaps in a depressive mood, she decided to paint the three pears which were on her kitchen table and painted with intensity of colours and could not help than adding a sunset in one of the pears… This despair gave her thousand reasons to paint because of the good feelings that overwhelmed her after each artwork. This was a sign and an urge for her for self-expression and painting has been a way for Wendy to put colours instead of words on her feelings and express her love for her Motherland.

Wendy paints with intensity of colours and even if she uses watercolour and markers at times, she enjoys mostly the use of acrylic paints, her favourite medium. Her Motherland is her main source of inspiration and whatever she paints relates also to feelings. Be it in an abstract form, figurative, expressive or realism, her main quest are colours, which she believes is the essence of her art. She says: “Colours are the mirror of my soul, the expression of my thoughts and the quest of my spirit.